Crescent Yacht Club
Chaumont, NY Founded 1901

History of Crescent Yacht Club

Founded in early 1901 in a leased building on Navy Point in Sackets Harbor, the Crescent Yacht Club rapidly became an active participant in boating activities around Lake Ontario. Starting with 38 charter members and a fleet of 12 sail and 11 power boats (naptha launches), the club grew to 175 members by the year 1905 after moving to its present location. In 1904, as an inducement to relocate to Chaumont, the Adams & Duford Company, operators of the stone quarry, donated the land on which the club now sits. In the same year, a 99 year lease was negotiated with the Cedar Grove cemetery for the land between the cemetery and the long dock.

As the nation prospered, so did sailboat racing and the Crescent was among the top competitors for many years. In 1907 the Silas L. George cup was donated to the sport and became one of the most coveted trophies on the entire lake. From the gaff rigged Cisco-Fishermen type sloops to the R boats, 6 meter, Lightnings, Dragons, and Hinkleys as well as the smaller Ackroyd dinghies, Penguins, Snipes, Bantams, Blue Jays, Optimists, and recently a club project to build Shellbacks. A wide variety of one design boats assured that sailboat racing would always be considered a fun and exciting sport.

In 1931, the Junior Division was created to extend the opportunity to young people from ages 7 through 15 to enjoy swimming, water safety, and sailing activities.

Through much of its history the Crescent Yacht Club has been active in Lake Yacht Racing Association and Eastern Yachting Circuit regattas. The CYC burgee has flown from the rigging of craft crewed by notable sailors with north country roots. Of particular interest was the introduction of the beautiful and challenging Dragon class in 1955. The first 7 boats were offloaded in Chaumont Bay from a freighter from Bergen, Norway and competition soon began for a trophy donated by Secretary of State John Foster Dulles, former active member. At the bottom of this page is a link to a paper prepared by a member of the American Dragon Association and presented to the Crescent Yacht Club.

With the introduction of synthetic materials such as fiberglass, boat building techniques became more economical and cruising sailboats grew increasingly popular. This activity, with its reciprocal interclub privileges, caused more boaters to include CYC in their travels. Through increased interest in cruising and the growth of Junior Division, the club has become even more family centered with greater emphasis on social functions while continuing the goal of its founders to be place to enjoy boating.

Today, Crescent Yacht Club is a vibrant group of about 150 families and individual members who enjoy sailing, cruising, racing, and many enjoyable socializing opportunities each summer season.

Additional History Notes

John Foster Dulles Trophy History